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The FUNcube-1 TLE Lottery is over!

by on January 14, 2014

We have now concluded that FUNcube-1 (AO73) is indeed:
Satellite Number 39444 and International Designator 13066AE

We are indebted to Mike DK3WN who did this analysis at TCA during a near overhead pass last weekend.


Today’s TLEs on Celestrak are here:

1 39444U 13066AE  14013.85499729  .00002182  00000-0  30369-3 0   361
2 39444  97.7931  89.7316 0064296  24.5145 335.9098 14.77378945  6675


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One Comment
  1. March 29 orbit up South America in the morning, excelent signal and very good contact with Brasil.-Congratulation all the teem.- Thanks for this satellite.-
    73´s and QRV in Uruguay

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