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Latest Two Line Elements

The latest Keplerian Element data for both FUNcube-1, Nayif-1 and FUNcube-2 on UKube can be obtained from the Celestrak website. These keps are regularly updated at  

Look for the FUNCUBE-1 (AO-73), Nayif-1 and UKUBE headings.


  1. Passes over North America using the linear transponder require about 8 to 12 KHz positive uplink calibration correction to hear your downlink signal. The drift is about 4 KHz on a 10 degree pass. The clock is accurate to the second so the KEPS must be way off. Hopefully the KEPS will get better as time goes on. Signals are not as strong as VO52 but they are very good. Most stations are having trouble finding themselves on the downlink so qso’s are difficult.

  2. Keps from Space-Track are getting better. This evening’s 26Nov 0346-0400utc pass had an end to end uplink drift of 4.7Khz. Signals are strong, audio is clear and the strong cw signals don’t seem to chop up the ssb qso’s much. Lots of stations active in North America; many successful qso’s and a lot of stations trying to find their downlink. It’s great to have another satellite to use. Thanks to the Funcube team for working so hard to make this tiny satellite a big success!

  3. James M0CMP permalink

    New keps are not showing up in WxTrack, whether I leave the sat name as is or change it to Funcube, any ideas?

    • Wayne Whiteway permalink

      Goto to the link at the top of this page. Save the file to the as cubesat.txt then open the folder containing the WXtrack files. Move cubesat.txt from the desktop to this folder. Restart WXtrack and update keplers. Copy Funcube (AO73) to the list of active satellites etc.

      Worked for me. Good luck!

    • Wayne Whiteway permalink

      Go to (see top of this page).
      Save the file to the desktop as: cubesat.txt
      Open the folder containing the WXtrack files
      Move cubesat.txt to this folder
      Start WXtrack and update keplers
      Move Funcube (AO73) to the list of active satellites etc.

      This worked for me… Good luck!

    • sue permalink

      yo table tops

  4. Abílio permalink

    Ontem a noite, por volta das 02:30 UTC, ouvi o CQ de PV8DX via AO-73, com áudio e sinais muito bons, a partir de FJ92pu.
    73 de PV8AZ

  5. No problem with Keps the last two days (as of 11 Dec 2013 16:00 Z.

  6. Reconsidering: I think the pass at 16:30:12 Z today over Cleveland, Ohio, was heard possibly a minute early and seemed to end a minute early.

  7. teodoro jaramillo permalink

    Rare,extrange and frustrating……I access and hear my signal 100% on Transponder and call
    and tune the Bandpass and more …and SO FAR NOT A SINGLE SIGNAL AND OR QSO….!!!!!
    Telemetry channel loud and clear also… ????NO ONE AT ALL IN LATIN AMERICA….CARIBEAN..PLEASE GET ON MAKE TED HC5K/KGLRJ HAPPY AND WILL QSL. CONGRATS TO THE FUNCUBE-1 TEAM.. will be on again and again…

  8. Rob Bush permalink

    Hi, the keps at the top of this page look different to the ones for DNEPR OBJECT AE that are on the Celestrak webpage found by following the link also at the top of this page…
    these are:
    1 39444U 13066AE 13356.63932284 .00003516 00000-0 48553-3 0 179
    2 39444 97.7977 68.2567 0064856 95.8356 265.0220 14.77291204 3390
    Are these the correct ones?

    • I have the same question? Which ones do we select? not sure which object we are following as had the same problem with this object – the TLE is close but does not match what I am hearing precisely?

  9. I heard AO-73 whith signals S-5 to S-7 In pases for Uruguay !
    Congratulations !

  10. Kio Okubo permalink

    Appreciate advise if the current revision number of AO73 on the above 2line keps is correct. This is because my first QSO via AO73 was on Nov 28 but according to the above keps the revision number of the day shows around -16. Today on 27 Dec, the revision number in the above keps is around 400 but this should be around more than 500.

  11. Hola, I download the keps from Amsat NA, 2 line elements, and use
    the SAT_EXPLORER, but no problem, I heard very good the AO-73.-
    73,cx6di, Rubens.-

  12. Brian permalink

    Good day,
    This page offers latest TLEs at the top updated 26/12/13, then recommends TLEs are different which one should I use ?
    Thank you,
    Brian ZS5SB

    • g3vzv permalink

      Hi Brian,

      Sorry for the delay in reply.

      Thanks for the question, generally Celestrak always has the most up-to-date TLEs that have been issued so these should be in preference to any you may find on our or other third party websites.

      We are still quite surprised at how slowly objects AE and Af are moving apart. When i last checked they still seem to be within about 100km of each. It is for it is reason that we have not rushed to claim one for FUNcube-1



    • Hola:
      I download the keps from Amsat/NA, 2 line elements and no note
      diferent whit celestrak.-
      In Amsat/Na, figure whit Funcube-1/AO-73, an I heard OK.-
      73’s Rubens.-

      • Hi Rubens,

        We are more and more convinced that the correct object for AO73 is 39444U 13066AE.
        The AF object is still very close to us so for most purposes it will be fine!

  13. Vishwanath Hiremath permalink

    how to find the position of funcube satellite in Heidelberg Germany? please help me out

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