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Education Outreach

Now that FUNcube-1 is safely in orbit and we have been able to characterise its functionality we are now proceeding as quickly as possible with the next phase of the project – developing the resources to support the regular use of the spacecraft in schools and colleges around the world. WP_20131122_018

We are already aware of a number of schools that are using FUNcube-1 – there are some notes about these activities on the FUNcube forum look at the “Schools” tab.

A lot of details about the mission, the spacecraft, the “groundstation” software and how to setup a station etc can be found on these pages:

Details about how to install and operate the ground station “Dashboard” are here

The FUNcube Handbook – available in English, French, Spanish and Italian Test files can be downloaded from here The FUNcube Warehouse shows live data from the spacecraft and can be accessed here

There are many prediction programmes available to enable users to tell when FUNcube-1 will next be available in their area. One on-line system is here Simply enter your location, select “Satellite Database” and enter “FUNcube-1” as the satellite name. It will then display the next available passes (select all passes). From a recent presentation made about FUNcube-1 and using it in the classroom here is a Powerpoint file


From Heathland School and David Bowman G0MRF here are some slides about satellite communications complete with   class exercises and teachers’ notes.


FUNcube satellite telemetry exercises

Teachers’ notes_for_class_exercise_ver 2.1

From the ARRL in the United States, here is a classroom guide about using the Material Science Experiment:

There are details about how to build a full size model of FUNcube-1 here and more details of other opportunities and ideas can be seen here

An omni-directional antenna assembly, suitable for reception of the telemetry, is now available from the AMSAT shop.See this page

The FUNcube Dongle receiver itself is available from the inventor, Howard Long, here

If your college or school is holding a special space related event or is celebrating a particular anniversary then please request a Fitter Message to be transmitted. Simply email operations @ Please give us as much notice as possible.

Now we have a working satellite in space and the Dashboard User Interface on the ground plus the Central Data Warehouse running. Our plans for the further development of the educational uses are as follows:

  • “Finalise” the development of the Dashboard User Interface.
  • “Finalise” the development of the Data Warehouse.
  • Develop a full set of all the necessary resource materials for teachers and students to get the greatest benefit from this project. These will be made available in both written and video formats.

We are already working with a number of individuals and organisations to complete this work as quickly as possible over the next few months and it will all be made freely available when completed. If you would like to become involved in this work please post a note on the STEM outreach tab on the forum as shown above. We would, of course, welcome your assistance!

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