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FUNcube Telemetry Dashboard

The Dashboard Installer for Windows can be downloaded here:

FUNcube-1 Dashboard v1044

The Guidance Notes can be downloaded from here  – please read them before loading and running the software!

FUNcube Dashboard Install & Ops Guidance Notes – Release 1.6


For additional advice and information please check the forum

  1. Is there a Linux version of this software?

  2. Молодцы спасибо за хорошую работу транспондера . UR5MQD

  3. Is the telemetry encoding format documented anywhere? It appears it’s using the concatenated Reed-Solomon/Viterbi scheme I designed for AO-40, and I wish I had known because much of my AO-40 design was forced by the limitations of that particular spacecraft and particularly the damage it experienced. High and low altitude satellites are generally also very different problems requiring different solutions; high altitude satellites have long passes, weak signals and little fading unless it’s a property of the antennas (as on AO-40). Satellites in LEO have short passes, much stronger signals and heavy fading due to tumbling and rapidly changing aspect angles.

    • Nicolas Appel permalink

      I’d also be interested in the encoding format, so that I can compare the funcube encoding with other schemes such as LDPC or Reed-Solomon codes. For the ‘normal’ Cubesat link, these codes are probably much more suitable.

      I have developed a channel model for the cubesat of my university a few months ago and I’d love to verify it with funcube telemetry data. So, if the team could release the source code or at least publish a document that explains the encoding in great detail, that’d be great.

      @Phil Karn: Have you ever experienced fading effects due to multipath propagation? We have received roughly about 2000 telemetry frames of funcube-1, most of them severely damaged. Since our antennas are cross-polarized yagis, I rule out spin fading.

  4. Fernando permalink

    And what about a RPI dashboard version?. It may be greath to capture and forward telemetry without leaveng my Pc on all day.!! and

  5. Fonzi permalink

    How to teledecode funcube 3? In the dashboard i see funcube 1 and funcube 2 but not funcube3
    Greetz from luxembourg

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