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Please note, we are not a huge corporation with lots of separate departments, secretaries, etc; just a small group of enthusiasts who are passionate about space, software, electronics and radio. We are all working in our spare time, and many of us have day jobs! Please treat us gently! If you wish to contact us, please see the suggestions below.

If you need help receiving the signals from FUNcube-1, please visit the Forum at There are sections there for Dashboard users, Schools, and general support, etc.

If you wish to purchase a FUNcube Dongle (Ground based receiver), please go to the FUNcube dongle web site at

If you wish to purchase other items, eg antennas, etc, please go to the AMSAT-UK shop at

If you wish to know more about AMSAT-UK (the organisation behind Project FUNcube, also run by volunteers) please visit

If none of the above apply, please look at this and the other web sites for answers to your questions.

The postal address of AMSAT-UK is:

Letton Close
Dorset DT11 7SS

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