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The Data Warehouse

The Dashboard software, in addition to decoding and displaying the telemetry received from FUNcube-1 and all FUNcube compatible mission, will also upload it to a central Data Warehouse. This can be accessed at

This enables everyone to see the latest telemetry that is being received, by whom and where they are. All in real time and Fitter messages and Whole Orbit Data is also displayed and accessible.

The intention of the warehouse is to allow access to all the data received for the duration of the mission rather than from just one or a series of passes. This will enable educators and others to download mission telemetry for off-line analysis as part of our STEM outreach goal.

The warehouse presently displays and stores information for the following satellites:

  • FUNcube-1
  • Nayif-1
  • JY1SAT
  • ESEO

We are indebted to Black Pepper Software Limited for allowing us to use one of their internal projects ‘Serenity’, a RESTful stack, in one of the early prototypes of the warehouse.  Since then the warehouse has been written as a greenfield agile project.

At the outset of the project we decided to release the source code, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License:

  1. For the Warehouse Data Processor:
  2. For the Warehouse UI:
  1. Paul Butler permalink

    Any chance of extending the upload ranking to lower numbers? We had our first pass today at Lauriston Girls’ School in Melbourne and uploaded 10 frames – a modest number but this is live from a school. We appeared as a data provider at the time but we’re not on the ranking. 73 Paul VK3DBP

  2. Paul Butler permalink

    Thank you for showing the full ranking! Any other schools involved? Or are we the first?


    Paul VK3DBP

  3. jim whitaker permalink

    I’ve been off line for quite some time, is it possibla to get my auth code emailed to me again?

    • Graham Shirville permalink

      Hi Jim,
      Just send an email to Dave at with a reqeust and you should get your answer back pretty quickly.
      Thanks for your support
      Graham G3VZV

  4. Brian Walker permalink

    Any idea why I keep getting redirected to ‘Apache software’ site when I click for data warehouse or the forum please. Thanks, Brian Walker.

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