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Graphical User Interface – the FUNcube Dashboard

The latest version of the Dashboard software can be found here

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the software which is available to anyone interested (including schools and individuals). It runs on any Windows  computer.  It will take data from the FUNcube dongle (or the audio from any conventional SSB 2 metre receiver) while it is receiving live signals from the satellite and, if so configured, relay the received telemetry to the Data Warehouse via the Internet. In this way we can build up a store of telemetry from all over the world.

We have already developed an engineering version of the FUNcube Dashboard but we would still like to create some versions suitable for children of different age groups. We will be making the core  software generally available under a Creative Commons licence before launch so potential collaborators are encouraged to contact us for more information


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    Ni WiKI at present, but thats not to say we shouldnt/cant have one

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