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Project Documents

Project Documents

We intend to publish as many of our working documents as possible here.

Please bear in mind that they carry a major “health warning” – they are “working documents” and they should not be assumed to be perfect nor necessarily to represent the best solutions, and they are subject to change. There is no implied warranty:)

FUNcube MRD DRAFT_0 5 (Mission Requirements Document)

FUNcube Stack Layout Rev D (Updated April 2013 – final as built)

FUNcube_PA_Board_Spec_Draft_05 (updated Dec 2011)

FUNcube_RF_Board_Block_DiagramV2.1_PA3WEG_open (1) (-final as built)

FUNcube_Oct2013fin A recent Powerpoint presentation given by Dave G4DPZ at the RSGB Convention

Funcube Handbook EN_v1 The FUNcube Handbook edited by Richard Limebear G3RWL

Funcube Handbook It_v1 The FUNcube Handbook – Traduzione italiana di Pierluigi Poggi (IW4BLG)

funcube Handbook – fr The FUNcube Handbook – Traduction française par Christophe Mercier, AMSAT-Francophone

Funcube Handbook Esp_v1 The FUNcube Handbook – Traducción al castellano por David Romero (EA4 SG)

The FUNcube-1 Dashboard

Is now available for download here:

Software Information

More information for those who wish to create their own decoding/display software is provided here:

FUNcube-1 downlink data spec ver1-as flown This relates to FUNcube-1 downlinks only. A similar document is being prepared for FUNcube-2.

FUNcube-1_ telemetry_equations_b1 (Updated Sept 2013 but still in draft form) – a finalised version will be published soon – Again this refers to FUNcube-1 downlinks only.

Still to be issued – An API document and some code to enable any developer of decoding software to upload the received data to our Data Warehouse. Please see the outline description of the Data Warehouse here: We regard this component as a vital part of the FUNcube project and we would therefore request that all software developers ensure that this functionality is provided by their work. – This is not actually a “FUNcube Working Document” as such, but describes the basis upon which our telemetry downlink modulation and encoding scheme is based. – This paper will probably also need to be consulted, and understood, by those who wish to create their own ground segment decoder and display software.

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