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Realtime data available as a .csv download

by on January 14, 2014

The FUNcube Data Warehouse is now producing .csv files containing Realtime data channels.

The data is produced every hour, on the hour and contains 3000 rows, starting 250 minutes before the last record in the database.

As we do not have worlwide coverage, there will be missing segments of data. To overcome this, we fill the data with the last value before the gap.

All records are have an associated ‘satellite time’ this is based on the known activation time of the satellite and offset calculated from the sequence number and frame type. The satellite is currently 3 hours 50 minutes ahead of the data server time.

Please visit the Real Time Data page and click on the link in the descriptive text.

We welcome feedback on the format and content. Please use the forum:


Dave Johnson, G4DPZ, FUNcube Team Member

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