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Change to FUNcube Warehouse URL

by on January 4, 2014

Please note that we have dropped the https/ssl protocol because we are making the site open to all. I.e. there will be no requirement for a login/password for any of the site functionality.

Users will still be required to register their basic site and location information to allow them to upload data to the Warehouse from the Dashboard

There may be a few pages that look a little strange while we make the transition.

The URL is now: rather than

Any problems, please report them on the FUNcube forum:


Dave, G4DPZ

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  1. Doug N3NZZ permalink

    I don’t mean to be negative, but you guys have not given credit to the ground stations giving you telemetry from launch date. Obviously, there have been stations that have equipment to dedicate to doing nothing else but monitoring FUNcube, but there are others that have limited equipment and can only do one thing at once. I feel that you have ignored the early data providers, and maybe, just maybe, there are listening stations that have given up as they get nothing in return.

    I have asked many times that you put our calls on Fitter, but you haven’t. All i want is a screen shot for QRZ.

    How about stepping up and doing this for your data providers, there are other satellites we can work.

    I may be just one station, but if others follow my frustration, its inevitable that you will see a drop off, of data providers. I understand you are busy with other things, but we have been busy providing this data for you, in fact i have spent dollars improving my setup to try and capture more packets.

    Come up now, step up…

  2. Doug,

    The situation hasnt changed much since you asked about a couple of weeks ago, except that we are making progress, but its slower than we would like. Please be patient!

    Jim G3WGM

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