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T +5 days – Update

by on November 26, 2013

We have some new TLEs for object 2013-066B

1 39417U 13066B   13330.15401895  .00003238  00000-0  45063-3 0   205
2 39417  97.7994  42.6429 0062763 180.4144 179.7025 14.77120863   712

These still seem to be the best fit but we would appreciate any comments.

As we know there is some discrepancy between the original published frequencies for the spacecraft and those we all experiencing in flight.

It is possible that the transponder input bandpass frequencies may also be varying due with the colder than expected temperatures being experienced. (We did launch in the winter:)) You can track the RF board temp on the telemetry.The RX board temp varies by some 30C over a full orbit and this will be affecting the oscillator frequencies.

We do not yet have final confirmation of the object number so the Doppler shift is probably not yet being precisely counteracted by the various software programmes which will be adding to the confusion.

So just at the moment we cannot give precise guidance on the uplink/downlink formula that users should employ but we are working on it and would appreciate input and observations.

Our analysis of the housekeeping data suggests that all is well on-board FUNcube-1, we are considering switching to continuous transponder mode for a few hours over the weekend to determine the effect that this might have to the on-board temperatures. Presently we are looking at trying this during an early morning pass over the UK on Sunday but we will confirm this plan nearer the time.

Finally we would point you to some good media coverage that the project has had from the BBC in the past 24 hours!
(look for the “Outriders 26 Nov 13: Crypto, crosswords and tiny satellites” edition)

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  1. Robert Smith permalink

    Aloha- I’ve noticed that I am able to decipher packets up to -3.7 degs below the horizon. This may indicate slight kep misalignment. I will plug in the new keps and hopefully find a good fit. Overall the tracking is as advertised. I also must manually “help” doppler control using SatPC32 (although I typical use HRD for this task). So far so good tho. Funcube is definitely fun. de NH7WN, Hawaii

  2. I am using these and there seems to be quite a large error. For orbit 80 I lost the signal at 21:53 and it should have been lost at 21.56. I acquired it at 21.43, should have been 21.43 so acquisition was good but loss early when the elevation should still have been 12 degrees and in a good direction for me.


    • Robert Smith permalink

      Aloha Mike- AOS/LOS for me is difficult as the mountains cause problems. The southbound
      pass this morning was over water and the signal was strong until -3.7 degs elev. when it abruptly
      stopped. I’ve plugged in the new keps so will be interesting to see how that fares when I have
      another “clear shot” over water. 73 de robert, Honolulu

  3. It appears that an additional correction to the Uplink frequency of 8.5 to 10.5 KHz needs to be applied so one can hear their own CW signal in the Downlink. The reason for the change appears to be due to inaccurate TLEs, which is to be expected so early in the game. 73, Bob, WB4SON

  4. Hi Bob,

    Its not just that – the start and end of the pass Dopper does not change so fast and there is about 11kHz offset. There are some new TLEs this morning that appear to be accurate – at least they were on the first pass here this morning.


  5. teodoro jaramillo permalink

    A few of us in Ecuador S>A. are attempting to captuer FUNCUBE-1TELEmetry on 145.935 Mhz.
    what radio settings are optimum I have a Icom 706 and other friend has a Icom Pro 746 ,and need settings b/w.mode and details to capture BPSK MODE from FUNCUBE-1.
    Please any help will improve our efforts,, SOME SIGNALS HAVE BEEN far…
    and we are becoming familiar withthe DASH BOARD as well… PLEASE HELP WITH DETAILS

    TED HC5K
    USA PHONE DIRECT 336 499 9659

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