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Whole Orbit Data Available

by on November 26, 2013


We can now display 104 minutes of Whole Orbit Data captured within the satellite.


We are working on getting the scaling factors such that all values can be displayed within the same range.

E.g Volts instead on mV, Amps instead on mA. Etc.

Part of the MSE experiment is nicely represent in this graph:


Heating and cooling when the spacecraft is in sunlight as indicated by the Solar Cell (PV1) voltage.

We will be moving on to High Resolution data next and then mechanisms for downloading the data for local analysis.



– Dave, G4DPZ

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  1. Excellent – looking forwards to a download facility.

    Mike G0MJW

  2. ON2VHF permalink

    Nice info 🙂
    73 de Laurent ON2VHF

  3. gerard clouet - F6GIZ permalink

    Fitter received very clearly in south France, yesterday night….. F6GIZ

  4. Excellent news that you are getting use from the data being beamed to the warehouse from us all.
    When will we be able to upload our own fitter messages to A0-73?

    • g4dpz permalink


      Fitter messsges can only be uploaded by the command stations. We are setting up a process for submission and moderation.


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