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FUNcube-1 Dashboard User Interface – premier edition

by on November 14, 2013


In advance of the FUNcube-1 launch next week on November 21st at 07:10:11 UTC, this first release of the FUNcube Dashboard User Interface software is now available for download here: 

(Late News – if you have experienced any problem extracting the .msi file earlier today please check the link again for more updated advice!)

This software, when used with a FUNcube Dongle or other SSB capable VHF receiver, will decode and display all the 58 telemetry channels, all the on-board status flags and also the Fitter messages from the spacecraft.

The FUNcube Dashboard will also enable users to upload the telemetry they are receiving to a central Data Warehouse so that others around the world can see what is happening on board.

A fully illustrated set of installation and operating guidance notes can also be downloaded from that page.

Additionally we also have some IQ and audio files available here that can be used for testing.

Also here is a link to the FUNcube forum where we have some detailed guidance about how to register with the Central Warehouse

Full details of the telemetry format, which has considerable heritage from AO-40, can be found here.

We are very grateful to our software development team for their efforts in developing the Dashboard and we look forward to your feedback. Please let us have questions and experiences at the FUNcube forum at

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  1. Aloha ….I think I am registered but somehow I locked myself out of the screen that requires input of the authorization code ( L91jO8V87PosbXXXX). My password is kaannnnn and my call is NH7WN. I believe I may have a first shot at telemetry so I need to figure out how to get those codes into the program so I am active?? Help please. Mahalo.

    • essexdesign permalink


      Email me directly. dave at g4dpz dot me dot uk

      Or register on the forum

      And I’ll be happy to help

      Allowing for the time difference 🙂



  2. g3vzv permalink

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks – yes I think we need you on line around 0745UTC on Thursday.

    I will get Dave, who is the warehouse guru to contact you!

    many thanks for your support



    • Robert permalink

      Aloha Graham RRR tnx. I think I got ahead of myself on the dashboard. I may be registered but some critical nos. were not entered. When I retry it says I already exist so not sure how to “force” my reg. no. that was emailed to me.


  3. essexdesign permalink


    Email: dave at g4dpz dot me dot uk

    Or register on the forum

    To start a discussion

    Happy to help in any way.



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