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Pre-launch Keps

by on November 11, 2013

Our software team is working feverishly to complete the FUNcube Dashboard software that we will be using to decode and display the telemetry that will be transmitted from the spacecraft on 145.935 MHz.

funcube-prelaunch_keps1Whilst they complete their work here are some provisional pre-launch keps. We may well receive an updated set nearer to the day of launch but we expect that these should be good enough for the first few hours/days after launch.

The particular method of deployment used by this Dnepr launch vehicle means that the dispersion of all the objects may be somewhat more rapid than we are commonly used to, so this may help the experts determine which object is which.

FUNcube-1 will initially be transmitting only about 30 mW of output power, this is its “Safe Mode”, so a steerable yagi will greatly help reception. When the spacecraft is eventually transmitting data in its normal “Educational Mode” the signal is expected to be about 10dB louder!

1 99991U 00000    13325.30956308  .00000106  00000-0  10000-3 0 00010
2 99991 097.7956 038.2570 0059925 198.5190 336.5388 14.77841394000015

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  1. Through what time there will the deployment after launch?

  2. g3vzv permalink

    We expect FUNcube-1 to commence transmitting on 145.935MHz, in “safe mode”, with low power (30mW) telemetry approx 26 mins after launch.

    It will be near Madagascar and Southern Africa at that time.

  3. Thanks for the answer. Through what time the equipment after separation from the launch vehicle will be switched on?

  4. g3vzv permalink

    On initial power up after deployment, the on-board software will command a ten minute delay before initiating antenna deployment. After that takes place the telemetry collection will commence and the spacecraft will start transmitting.

  5. Launch: At launch + 16 minutes. Satellite separation from pod
    At launch + 26 minutes Antenna deployment and safe mode transmission

  6. Raydel, CM2ESP permalink

    Hi all,

    Congratulations for this amazing project. I have a couple of questions.

    The Telemetry decoder software will be compatible with common SSB receivers or only funcube-dongle?

    Will be a telemetry forwarding method or just for oneself? In case it forwards telemetry, which way (direct Internet or e-mail).

    73 and the best of luck on launch!

    Raydel, CM2ESP

    • g3wgm permalink


      The TLM decoder software will be compatible with both ver1 and ver2 FUNcube dongles, and also with SSB receivers. The TLM decoder software will forward the received TLM directly via the internet to the on-line warehouse if so configured. You have to set up an acount with the warehouse first. See

      Thanks for the good wishes! Jim G3WGM

      • Raydel, CM2ESP permalink

        Thank you for the reply Jim. Well at home where the radios are I only have e-mail, is there an alternative way to submit the telemetry?


        Raydel CM2ESP

  7. g3vzv permalink

    Hi Raydel,
    Thanks – yes if you email us copies of the .funcubebin files that are created for each session when you tick on “write capture data to a file” tab that would be fine.
    Please send them to “operations at”
    Graham G3VZV

    • Raydel, CM2ESP permalink

      Will do, Graham,

      Best of luck and 73!

      Raydel, CM2ESP

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