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FUNcube-2 Update – January 2015

by on January 5, 2015

Limited testing of the FUNcube-2 linear transponder on the UKube-1 spacecraft has been undertaken during the recent holiday period.

This testing has shown that the transponder is able to work effectively and that it is capable of a similar performance to the transponder already operating on FUNcube-1.

AMSAT-UK and the FUNcube team have now submitted a detailed report on the testing to the UK Space Agency, who are the owners and prime operators of the UKube-1 spacecraft. It is expected that a meeting will be held with them late Jan/ early Feb to plan possible future testing and operations.

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  1. teodoro jaramillo permalink

    I listen to myslef for the last YEAR on FUNCUBE-1 and have only three qso’s in a year
    of powerfull passes over ecuador HC5k…No activity in South america Except PV8DX
    on new grids and from home qth.

    Building some EGG Beaters for local Hams… to try create some acctio…Sat Dx.
    tks for news.
    Hc5k /kg4lrj

  2. 7J1ADJ permalink

    Unlike Funcube 1’s Realtime data, the data I see from Funcube-2 is erroneous. The reflected power is significantly grater than the output power and the download tones hang every two or three cycles for about 5 sequences. The above update makes it sound like Funcube 2 is functioning normally but I don’t see this in the telemetry.

    Funcube 2’s downlink is wonderful, much stronger than its little brother. I look forward to seeing this operational full-time.

    Looking forward to regular download telemetry.

    • g3wgm permalink

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, we are aware that some of the Real Time TLM channels need checking. The satellite is still being commissioned, and the tlm that we transmit comes from the main on-board processor, which is not under our control. We are hoping that when the satellite is fully commissioned that the owners of the main processor will help us to check the tlm that the FUNcube payload is sending. Sadly we don’t know the time scales for this. The good news is that we have concluded that when the FUNcube tx is on, it is low power mode, and that when/if we can switch the high power mode, it will be REALLY strong!

      73s Jim G3WGM

  3. 73's Harry VK2DWT permalink

    What is happening to Funcube-2 no transmission again now over 2 weeks in Australia but other northern areas just ok ?
    It would be nice if it was posted on the Funcube Warehouse so we know although understand on going testing but frustrating when no rx.

    • g3vzv permalink

      Hi Harry,

      Thanks for your comments. Presently, UKube-1 is being operated entirely by the commissioning team at RAL under the direction of the owners – the UK Space Agency. On occasions they switch on the FUNcube-2 telemetry transmitter to briefly check various status point but generally you should not expect it to be regularly operating.
      I apologise if this is somewhat frustrating but hopefully we will be able to have the transmitter running continuously before too long.



      • 73's Harry VK2DWT permalink

        Thanks Graham was not sure if that was the case because the northern hemisphere seemed to be getting signals but we weren’t.
        I just got 100 packets down I think Sunday our time and it has gone again it certainly will be good when it goes full time as the tx seems better than F-1.
        Not sure if u get notice when they tx ? but I do understand your comments and appreciate the work done by all it certainly has got my interest up after 30 odd years ago since I had first ssb VHF to HF contact on one of the early russian RS series sat’s so am eager to continue cheers Harry

  4. I have a FUNCube dongle PRO.
    I try to use it with the dashboard to receive AO-73. There happend nothing.

    I can use it with SDRsharp and a virtual cable between de SDR software and the dashboard.

    What can be wrong?

    73, Gose

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