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FUNcube Whole Orbit Data available for download

by on October 14, 2014

From the early planning stage of the project we decided that we would make telemetry information available
to end users.

Since deployment the warehouse has displayed the latest data:

Whole Orbit
High Precision
Fitter Messages

and of course the upload rankings.

Additionally we have made available small csv files for WOD and HiRes.

Starting today, we will be making all captured WOD available as weekly csv files.

Please see: for the link to the
downloads page.

It currently up to 26/6/2014 (32 files)

The files are on average:

9706 lines (expected 10080) ~ 96.3% capture
905 KB

We will play catch up over the next few days and then automate the process.

It it really intended for consumption by an analytical suite such as MatLab, or a DIY one, in a language of your
choosing. However, it can be simply graphed in Excel or Open Office Calc

Feedback would be appreciated.



Dave, G4DPZ

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One Comment
  1. christopher barrett permalink

    cherrs dave i think iwill be a bit out off my deth but will give it a go 2e0ryp chris thankyou

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