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FUNcube-3 payload launch information

by on June 16, 2014

We anticipate that the DNEPR launch of this payload on the QB50p1 CubeSat will take place as previously stated. This Thursday is the day!

READY FRONT PAGE COLLAGE PICqb50p1-and-qb50p2-image-credit-isis

QB50p1 and QB50p2 side by side in the cleanroom (photo credit ISIS bv)

To be precise, lift off is expected to take place from Yasny on 19/06/2014 @ 19:11:11 UTC and the deployment of the various payloads will take place over the Indian Ocean in a similar fashion to the launch of FUNcube-1 last November. Pre-launch TLEs have not yet been made available but the details of the initial 145MHz CW  transmission format for both QB50p1, and its near twin QB50p2, can now be seen here: QB50p1 carries a linear UV transponder provided by AMSAT-NL, with support from AMSAT-UK, which I s similar to that on FUNcube-1. QB50p2 carries an UV FM transponder and FX25 data transmitter from AMSAT-F. It is expected that these payloads will be activated after the science missions have been completed. AMSAT-UK will be monitoring the launch event and watching for signal reports on the IRC #cubesat channel throughout the evening.

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