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FUNcube Data Warehouse (Fitter Messages)

by on January 29, 2014


We have made a few changes to the way they are handled / displayed:

  • Only the last 7 days of fitter messages are displayed (list is truncated at midnight UTC, each day)
  • To help the command stations, the ‘Slot’ number shown.
  • Only the last received DATE is shown

A text file which contains ALL the Fitter Messages that have been captured by groundstations  can be downloaded using the link on the Fitter Messages page on the FUNcube Warehouse at:

The process to generate this file is executed once per day.


Dave G4DPZ, FUNcube Team Member

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  1. Good job people, I look forward to the new updates. Makes things work faster and more easy. You are helping us low tech guys alot. Keep up the sharing of your knowledge and we will listen. deeman

  2. N3NZZ permalink

    Thanks Guys !!

  3. WA7IRW permalink

    Is there a story behind Fitter Message 9?
    3/2/2014 7:51:52 PM, 73729, FM9, : O 2 d * V E & & ” & e395m 94e73e 94e73e 94e73e 94e73e 94e73e072c541c 94e73e 94e73e 94e73e 94e73e 94e73e072c541c 94e73e 94e73e 94e73e
    I’ve been enjoying the data, especially the changes in the wobble.

    • g3vzv permalink

      Yes – apologies if we haven’t explained this previously but we can set Fitter Message 9 to downlink various status flags in addition to the normal telemetry that we transmit.
      This debug data appears at the bottom left hand corner of the Dashboard.
      If we wish we can use Fitter Message 9 for “normal” messages by ground command



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