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Guide for using FUNcube-1 Materials Science Experiment in the classroom

by on January 19, 2014


A new FUNcube guide, developed in the US by the ARRL Education & Technology Program (ETP) Director Mark Spencer, WA8SME,  has just been issued. It aims to maximize the educational focus of the tiny FUNcube-1 (AO-73) satellite.

The Pragmatic Guide for Using the FUNcube (AO-73) Materials Science Experiment in the Classroom prompts readers to dig beyond AO-73’s Amateur Radio transponder and telemetry uploads and downloads and “take a closer look at what is really going on” as the satellite orbits Earth.

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  1. SAVAGE permalink

    It is fascinating to see just how much can be learnt from a fairly simple experiment.
    What a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

    Might thermal radiation from AO-73 be affecting the results?


  2. James permalink

    A fascinating read. Also includes advice on antennas.
    I was left with one question about the discrepancy between the expected and actual results. Might radiation from AO-73 be affecting the results?


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