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Updated Dashboard Software now available

by on December 25, 2013

The FUNcube Team are pleased to announce the latest version of the Dashboard Software.

Version 814 can be downloaded from

We thank everyone for their interest and reports of the success of FUNcube-1/AO73 and we look forward to continued operations.


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas


The FUNcube Project Team.

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  1. Javier permalink

    Good news ¡¡
    Thanks for your Works, and also Happy Christmas

    73,s Ea3vo

  2. In this version it seems the bottom Tuning window does not update correctly when setting the FCD Centre frequency in the Settings. Therefore the Auto tune does not seem to work properly.

    • Hello Joe,

      Can you explain a bit more on what you are doing?

      If I change the centre frequency in the settings when the “Capture from Dongle” option is selected, the autotune automatically moves to the new frequency.

      Why are you wanting to change the centre frequency? It is deliberately set 10kHz low from the actual tlm frequency so as to avoid the centre dc spike. If you set the centre frequency to be 145.935MHz, that will fall exactly on the dc spike and decoding (and possibly the autotune) will not function.



      • Hello Ciaran,

        My problem is that I use the dongle also to receive other stations. When I use another SDR software (or the fchid), it sets the dongle to different frequency. The Dashboard updates the centre frequency and the tuning window accordingly, which is correct. But when I try to set back the centre frequency either by the frequency preset combo box or entering the frequency manually, the tuning window does not get updated, it still shows the previous frequency range. And the ‘green marker’ on the frequency graph then gets out of range of the auto tune range ‘red markers’. The frequency on the dongle actually seems to be set correctly, just the tune window and the auto tune is not. I have to restart the dashboard to get them updated.

        73s, Joe

      • Hi Joe,

        I think you have a couple of things going on here and possible some misunderstanding of how the Dashboard is designed to work.

        To start with, the Dashboard is designed to receive only the FUNcube series cubesat telemetry and is pre-set with the correct frequency for the FUNcube Dongle (either version) for the various flight/engineering models. Providing you are running no other software, this is enough to receive and decode the telemetry.

        Using the “Frequency Pre-Set” to select a different FUNcube satellite causes both the tuning range and centre frequency to be updated and correctly displayed in the tuning window. This works even if you have narrowed the auto-tuning range (the red markers on the tuning window) – however, changing the pre-set does appear to reset whatever lower/upper limits you may have set.

        If you use the “FCD Centre frequency” input box, assuming you are using Dashboard v814, you should see the green marker move to the selection you have made. Note however, that if you manually specify a frequency that is outside the 96kHz band as specified to the right of the Settings – FCD Centre Frequency input (which is based on +/- 48kHz of the centre freq of the pre-set) , the green marker jumps to the end of the tuning window. In this case the Tuning Range IS NOT UPDATED but the dongle centre frequency is.

        Running other SDR software simultaneously with the Dashboard may cause unintended behaviour in the Dashboard as the other SDR software may be sending commands to the dongle to alter/hold the frequency that Is selected in that software.

        The Dashboard software will update the green marker with what ever frequency the dongle is set to, whether that is by using the Dashboard or some other external application because it periodically reads the frequency that the dongle is set too. The tuning range displayed in the tuning window IS NOT UPDATED in this case and specifying a frequency that is outside the range displayed in the tuning window simply causes the green marker to go to the lower/upper edge as described above. The dongle frequency, as you have noted, is correctly set.

        So, in summary, the dongle frequency can be, and is, set by either the Dashboard or any other running SDR/FCHid application. The tuning window frequency range is only ever updated when you change the “Frequency Pre-Set” in the Dashboard settings. Altering the centre frequency alone (in settings or other software) changes the dongle frequency but does not update the tuning range.

        Hope that helps


  3. Jan, ON7UX permalink

    The FUNcube Dashboard is a nice application. I try to evaluate the Locally stored data. Can you make the ‘field separator’ in a future release optional for the user, so that the local data is written (eg semicolon) with the selected separator. Now there is no distinction between field separator and a decimal value. (in my case)

    Jan, ON7UX

    • g3vzv permalink

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for the suggestion which will certainly be passed on to the developers:)



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