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The TLE Lottery pt 2

by on December 18, 2013

Just a few minutes after our last post on the subject we received viable information that suggests that FUNcube-1 is actually object 2013-066AE

Here is an email that has just been circulated to the AMSAT-BB

Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: Object IDs

Hi all,  The story so far!

The first object number that was issued for the contents of ISIPOD-1 – ie HinCube, FUNcube-1 and ZAcube was 2013-066B

Some days later, 2 new objects were identified  -2013-66AE and 2013-066AF.

Generally we thought that the best fit for FUNcube-1 was object 2013-066AF but more recent evaluations by our expert trackers now shows that FUNcube-1 is most probably  2103-066AE.

They are still only about 100km apart after almost a month in  orbit. So we have been correct to hang back a bit before making any claims!

The FUNcube team will monitor results for just a little longer before doing so.

 Our “latest  tles” page has  been updated again to reflect this change!




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  1. Doug N3NZZ permalink


    My belief is that 66AF is AO-73. With the current TLE’s (NASABARE.TXT) it’s timing is absolutely perfect.I had a bunch of issues in the early days, however, now, i hit immediately. Maybe i’m wrong, but all is falling in place for me. I would hate to be incorrect obviously, maybe i am, but again AF is proving it’s self.


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