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Transponder Test tomorrow – 23 Nov 2013.

by on November 22, 2013

We are planning to open the transponder for a single orbit tomorrow. The aim of this test is to establish the thermal performance of the satellite when in this mode for an extended period. All radio amateurs who are in the footprint are welcome to make their own tests of the transponder up/down links, and make QSOs. We are planning to switch on the transponder either during the orbit timed at 0937 UTC (orbit 31) TCA Bletchley Park, or the following orbit at 1113 UTC (orbit 32).

If you do make a QSO or test, please report the details below as a comment.

Please note that we have not yet fully characterised the transponder frequencies.

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  1. Hi! A silly question please… The pass predictions for FUNcube at for my location (just 50 miles South of BP) are many hours different to your expected 0937 and 1113 UTC passes. Where can I get accurate pass predictions please? Thank you in advance. All the best – Steve M0ECS

  2. Gerard Clouet F6GIZ permalink

    Here in NICE France (43.926N 7.131E) FUNCUBE received very strong and recorded with funcube SDR and vertical 3dB at orbit 31 by F6GIZ

  3. I was trying to listen from 9.31 UTC, up of the half of the path there was nothing heard, no beacon. About 9.40 the beacon went on, but no signal from transponder. I tried to record the data with HDSDR, but I am not sure about the quality. After request I can share the wav. My used equipment 6el Yagi /2m 17el Yagi for 70cm, automatic elevation/azimuth tracking.

  4. Fernando permalink

    No signal received from the trasponder in center Italy.

  5. Fernando permalink

    No signals received from the trasponder in cenet Italy.

  6. Sergey permalink

    No signals from the trasponder in Belarus.
    6+10 crossband yagi, full duplex. Automatic az/el control. KENWOOD TS-2000.

  7. Sergey permalink

    No signals from the trasponder in Belarus 1113 UTC (orbit 32).
    Transponder not work.

  8. Tres bon signal ce jour

  9. Tres bonne reception ce jour dimanche

  10. Paulo PV8DX permalink

    HI. After exactly one year. Today November 23, 2014. I made a contact in SSB with a good distance.
    N6RFM – FN41iq> PV8DX FJ92pt: Distance 2766.0 miles (4451.5 km) Time: 14:57 UTC.
    Continues the excellent CUBE. Congratulations to the team. 73 d e Paulo PV8DX

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