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Belated launch day report

by on November 22, 2013

In summary – an amazing day!

We have been helped terrifically by having such a large number of amateur radio stations around the globe, contributing the telemetry that they have received, to our central Data warehouse. This information has been critical to our decision making processes on many occasions during the day.

WP_20131121_004The data warehouse can be seen here

We are extremely grateful to the 65+ stations who have contributed to the success of the day and we request everyone to please keep it flowing.

Although we were all pretty tired by the time of the last pass this evening, we finished a long day in a pub  car park (approx +3C) testing out our ability to receive and decode signals from FUNcube-1 – AO-73 with small antennas. This is such an antenna, and as you can see, it has been placed quite low down near some trees. It was recently constructed by Duncan Hills (no licence yet) but had not been tested before. Duncan has been one of the leads in the Dashboard development but has, as you can see, skills in the analogue domain as well. It can be reported that he was successful in decoding a good number of frames during a sub 11 degree elevation pass.  Another handheld Elk/dongle/tablet combination co-located in the carpark, operated by Ciaran  M0XTD, was equally successful.

As this type of operation was one of the original design requirements for this project we have completed our work for the day with some considerable satisfaction.

Again many thanks to everyone for their support today and for all the support that the project has received since its inception.

We should have more reports tomorrow.




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  1. Stop with the “belated” nonsense: It is time still to celebrate and marvel at your achievements! Great work last night (my time in California). Watched you live, as I watched the Dnepr launch from Ecuador’s space agency.

  2. Martin permalink

    Two hints:
    1) The above link to warehouse is broken
    2) Inside warehouse: There are temperature values

    Boost Converter Temp X 0 C 1 255
    Boost Converter Temp Y 1 C 1 255
    Boost Converter Temp Z 2 C 1 255
    Battery Temp 3 C 1 255

    They showed yesterday evening (Germany time) values of 255 and 254.
    It seems they are not converted to signed values?

  3. g8sqh permalink

    Gentlemen – well done! Happy to provide telemetry support. In case it helps you, all my data yesterday was received by a homebrew J-pole (in 15mm water pipe), fed via 10m of RG213 into a FCD Pro+. Antenna about 8m up on the end of the house in pretty open countryside.

    I used HDSDR to receive, then looped through the soundcard into v806 dashboard – I’d seen the DC offset bug, and wanted to be sure I got the telemetry. It’s still no-cost software, and the waterfall lets you see the satellite well before it decodes – the 0.3s tone pair was visible on the 30mW first low pass.

    Catch up on sleep, and then take the good news to the schools 🙂

  4. Congratulations – I heard FUNcube-1 on 21/11, but made no effort to decode it as I didn’t think it was strong enough with my Slim Jim in the loft. This morning I set the software up and low and behold it does decode! I only got a few frames on the 09:10 pass, but then the max elevation was only about 9 degrees. This does bode well for higher-angle passes. Well done Steve G0KYA

  5. Alan permalink

    Looks like the Warehouse link should be

    Nice to see a pic of Duncan’s antenna!

  6. Martin permalink

    The address to warehouse is still broken with FireFox (at least under Windows).
    Seem there is a space at the end, which makes problems???

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