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FUNcube-1 Launch Campaign – Latest

by on October 23, 2013

Foto1308-300x225‘Our Man’ at the Launch site reports that FUNCube-1 has now had its Apply Before Flight Plug attached, screwed and glued on. Also its two POD partners, ZAcube from S Africa and HiNCube from Norway are similarly ready for flight. So the POD has now been finally sealed, and is ready to be mounted on the rocket. Our picture shows the POD check out team, and ‘our man’ is Gerard Aalbers on the left of the picture. Gerard will be leaving Yasny later today to return to Delft.

Foto1310-225x300Its also being reported that the weather in Yasny is getting colder, and there has been snow, as our picture illustrates. Gerard will have a 200 km road journey, before the second leg of his journey home by air. Have a safe journey, Gerard!

Looking forward, we are hoping that we will be able to start distributing the software (aka the Dashboard) necessary to decode the FUNCube-1 signals in approximately two weeks. At the same time we will make test audio, etc files available. We are still expecting a late November launch date, we will publish the exact date/time here as soon as we can, so please check back frequently, or enter your email address below, to be notified of new posts on this web site as the occur.

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