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FUNcube Telemetry Dashboard

The Dashboard Installer for Windows can be downloaded here:

FUNcube Dashboard Installer v848

The Guidance Notes can be downloaded from here  – please read them before loading and running the software!

FUNcube Dashboard Install & Ops Guidance Notes – Release 1.6


For additional advice and information please check the forum

  1. David permalink

    Will there be a Linux version?

    • g3vzv permalink

      We are not working on a Linux version at this time but encourage others to do so. please see the FAQs at the end of the Guidance Notes for more information

      • Jack permalink

        Hi Grandad it’s Jack just checking up on progress so far. How do I access data??

        See you soon.

      • g3vzv permalink

        Hi Jack

        Thanks for the message. Just go to to see all the data that everyone is receiving from around the world.
        Next time we come down, I will show you how to listen in yourself!
        Have fun


  2. Raydel, CM2ESP permalink


    I assume doppler correction is requiered on the receiver side to maintain the two tones on 600 and 1800 or is it capable of handle doppler shifted signals?


    Raydel, CM2ESP

    • g3vzv permalink

      Our dashboard software will track the Doppler automatically

      • Raydel, CM2ESP permalink

        Fantastic!!! Compliments for the good work!!!

      • Doppler Auto ? nice but i am hallosat and IC910 and doppler auto too,
        i am switch off ? and only heard 145.935 Frequency ?

        laurent on2vhf

      • g3wgm permalink

        If you are feeding the audio from the IC910 into the Dashboard software with an audio cable via the microphone socket, you should leave the auto tune function of the Dashboard ON, as well as any doppler control of the IC910

      • teodoro jaramillo permalink

        have been very eve pass almost into Transponder 100 % in and out…BUT…Latin America
        is DEAD…only heard a partial cw couple times…NO ssb…..HELP NEED TO MAKE AT LEAST ONE QSO…SPECIALLTRY ON PASSES OVER BRAZIL AND NOTHING..
        h e l p..PLEASE..

        TED HC5K KG4LRJ

    • I use Ham Radio Deluxe to correct for doppler for my captures and it works great. I will try it tomorrow without correction.

  3. Is anyone working on an Android version of the software please?

  4. M0GIW permalink

    there seems to be an error , “There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.”

  5. E20ZFD permalink

    I couldn’t download “FUNcube_Dashboard_v800.msi” from the link on this page.
    could you please do something?

    I will try to make this run on MAC OS X, I hope Crossover app will do the job.

    • g3vzv permalink

      Sorry about the server 500 error…we have put different link in place for the time being

      Good luck with you Mac work. and thanks for your efforts!



      • E20ZFD permalink

        THANK YOU, I already downloaded.

        Now trying to install but it seems to fix that this program need to be installed on “C:” the Main HDD. I might be able to find my main hdd “z:” but again, the program not lets me install.

        I’m using Crossover on iMac OS X v. 10.8.5
        can anyone help me please?

  6. essexdesign permalink

    We’ll take look asap. Could be that we’ve hit a download limit. Might have to move it to another server.

    Dave, g4dpz

    • you are a problem for share this file,
      no problem for mee for share into my PRO web site :) fast, unlimited and no charge :) FREE
      pse e-mail mee for info,
      Laurent on2vhf

  7. m0giw permalink

    Hi, Im still getting the server error, where is the new link ? Cheers Dave

    • g3vzv permalink

      Hi Dave,

      Try again now! – you may need to refresh the page???



  8. I could downloaded Ver Dashboard-1.0.800.1
    But it is shutdown soon when File – Settings.

  9. I get an error while installing in Windows 8 (64 bit), at the “Destination Folder” step when pressing Next button it displays the message: “Installation directory must be on a local hard drive.” I’ve tried installing at different directories (even different drives), at no avail.

    • g3vzv permalink

      Hi Pablo,

      I am not sure if we will have any bright ideas about this – certainly my W8 64 bit installation went without a hitch. I will copy your issue to the site so we may get some responses from there



      • pleautaud permalink

        I’ve managed to solve the problem, apparently it was a credentials level issue (I don’t know why as my account is the windows administrator), and I didn’t have permission to write at my user “Temp” directory. This situation can be remedied by at least two approximations: (A) Executing the MSI as administrator, or (B) Making the “Temp” directory writable, I explain both procedures:

        1. Start Button / key
        2. Type in “cmd” without quotes and press Shift+Enter to open a command prompt as an administrator.
        3. Type in the full path to the msi and press enter. Put the path inside quotes if it has any spaces like “C:\Users\username\My Documents\SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi”
        4. Press enter and agree to execute the MSI

        1. Go to “”C:\Users\Your_UserName\AppData\Local\”, right click Temp and go to properties.
        2. At the “General” tab make sure “Read only” is unchecked.
        3. Go to “Security” tab, select your administrator group and enable “Full control”, by clicking the edit button.
        4. If that still doesn’t work, at the same “Security tab” click edit, then “Add”, and enter the group “Everyone” and enable it for “Full control”.

        And that should do it!

        Hope this help someone else.

    • Same problem here!

      • Unzip FUNcube_Dashboard_v809.exe, rename libfftw3f3.dll to libfftw3f-3.dll.
        Execute Dashboard.exe.

        Working here!

  10. WA8FJK permalink

    I too am disappointed that your software isn’t written for Linux. I consider Linux to be the versatile experimenter/enthusiasts operating system, that is popular world wide and available at no cost, not a generic look-pretty OS like Windows that is just an appliance meant to make money for Microsoft!

    • VK2FBRB permalink

      WA8FJK why don’t you develop a Linux client?

      The FUNcube guys have done a great job with documentation (such as downlink specs and telemetry equations), making their software open-source, and making their devs available for tech questions.

      • James permalink

        I have studied the documentation and could well be wrong but unless I have missed something, the software source code has not yet been published. Until it is made available it is hard know how easy it would be to produce a version that will run on Linux or any other platform for that matter.

      • Paul - VE3GPB permalink

        Runs fine under VMWare / Win7 on OSX. A Linux client would be an easy port to OSX (or vice-versa), and a port of the windows app to Linux shouldn’t be that tough either.

    • Dale - VE5DMN permalink

      I consider Windows to be quite versatile and much easier to configure and use than any Linux version I’ve tried. Windows has such a huge market penetration that it is simply the best choice for any successful venture that needs mass participation. I appreciate the hard work the guys have done with this client and wish them all the best in future experiments. If a third party wishes to develop a Linux client, that would be welcome too, but not vital to the success of this project.

  11. after all, what is the correct frequency: 145.925 (like dashboard FCD) or 145 935 ( like info on site)?

    • VK2FBRB permalink

      The downlink is 145.935 MHz.

      The FCD’s centre frequency has a DC spike, so the dashboard sets it 10 kHz lower (145.925) so the spike does not interfere with FUNcube’s 145.935 downlink.



  13. ON2VHF permalink

    Hi G3WGM,
    is ok now :) software is doing verry well, good job all 73
    laurent ON2VHF see you later on the Sat :)

  14. Terry Simons permalink

    Fantastic coverage from Funcube. Heard all the way through from AOS 12:35 on 1st Dec ’13 to LOS S9+ for most of the pass.
    I’m a MAC user, so couldn’t use you dashboard unfortunately.
    Look forward to hearing the transponder on the air.

    Well done for all your efforts.

    es 73, de G0VHS, Terry

  15. I am pleased to see how open this project is and to hear that the dashboard software will be opensourced. When is it likely to be published and in the meantime could someone in the know be kind enough to indicate whether the dashboard was produced using winforms?

  16. Laszlo Hatala permalink

    The Linux Dashboard is missing very much.

  17. Joe permalink

    I can not get reg. to take my lat and lon.
    the are 38.25 and -85.77 please help

  18. Is there a Linux version of this software?

    • g3vzv permalink

      Please see page 20 of the guidance notes which is available for download on this page!
      Also you can review the website which has lots of information



      • Thanks Graham, My blog is on Linux software. I am happy to publish articles on Linux uses in funCube and AMSAT projects – so feel free to submit them to give your good work a wider audience.


  19. Молодцы спасибо за хорошую работу транспондера . UR5MQD

  20. Is the telemetry encoding format documented anywhere? It appears it’s using the concatenated Reed-Solomon/Viterbi scheme I designed for AO-40, and I wish I had known because much of my AO-40 design was forced by the limitations of that particular spacecraft and particularly the damage it experienced. High and low altitude satellites are generally also very different problems requiring different solutions; high altitude satellites have long passes, weak signals and little fading unless it’s a property of the antennas (as on AO-40). Satellites in LEO have short passes, much stronger signals and heavy fading due to tumbling and rapidly changing aspect angles.

    • Nicolas Appel permalink

      I’d also be interested in the encoding format, so that I can compare the funcube encoding with other schemes such as LDPC or Reed-Solomon codes. For the ‘normal’ Cubesat link, these codes are probably much more suitable.

      I have developed a channel model for the cubesat of my university a few months ago and I’d love to verify it with funcube telemetry data. So, if the team could release the source code or at least publish a document that explains the encoding in great detail, that’d be great.

      @Phil Karn: Have you ever experienced fading effects due to multipath propagation? We have received roughly about 2000 telemetry frames of funcube-1, most of them severely damaged. Since our antennas are cross-polarized yagis, I rule out spin fading.

  21. Fernando permalink

    And what about a RPI dashboard version?. It may be greath to capture and forward telemetry without leaveng my Pc on all day.!! and

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