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FUNcube-2 Update – January 2015


Limited testing of the FUNcube-2 linear transponder on the UKube-1 spacecraft has been undertaken during the recent holiday period.

This testing has shown that the transponder is able to work effectively and that it is capable of a similar performance to the transponder already operating on FUNcube-1.

AMSAT-UK and the FUNcube team have now submitted a detailed report on the testing to the UK Space Agency, who are the owners and prime operators of the UKube-1 spacecraft. It is expected that a meeting will be held with them late Jan/ early Feb to plan possible future testing and operations.

FUNcube-1’s Birthday


Hi Folks,


It seems amazing to us that FUNcube-1 – AO73, was launched nearly one year ago, in fact at 07:10 UTC on 21 Nov 2013. The very first signals were received by ZS1LS in South Africa at 07:37 UTC and he was even able to upload the resulting data to the Warehouse so the results could be seen immediately.


We are extremely  happy to say that, since then, the satellite has been performing very satisfactorily, the battery voltage doesn’t drop below 8 volts, and becomes fully charged within about 7 – 10 minutes after re-entering sunlight from eclipse.


Thus, on 21 Nov 2014, we will be celebrating the satellite’s first birthday. To mark the occasion, we will be activating the transponder earlier than normal – late on Thursday 20 Nov 2014, so that it will be available for use during the whole of Friday. So please make as many contacts as possible through the transponder during Friday, FUNcube’s actual birthday. You are invited to make a note of any stations worked on this day, or any other comments on the FUNcube Forum. Please use the existing “FUNcube-1’s Birthday” topic, under the Welcome heading. The URL of the Forum is


Please also remember the ’73 on 73′ competition which is kindly being organised by Paul Stoetzer N8HM. See for more details.


We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of our ‘users’, both those who download  telemetry and forwarding it to the warehouse, and of course, all users of the transponder. This telemetry data is invaluable, both as an educational resource and to enable us to see how the spacecraft systems are performing and surviving. So far we have collected almost 400MB of unique data via stations from all around the world.


Of course we are hoping that the satellite continues to function nominally for several  more  years to come even though we may never reach AO7’s record!



FUNcube Whole Orbit Data available for download


From the early planning stage of the project we decided that we would make telemetry information available
to end users.

Since deployment the warehouse has displayed the latest data:

Whole Orbit
High Precision
Fitter Messages

and of course the upload rankings.

Additionally we have made available small csv files for WOD and HiRes.

Starting today, we will be making all captured WOD available as weekly csv files.

Please see: for the link to the
downloads page.

It currently up to 26/6/2014 (32 files)

The files are on average:

9706 lines (expected 10080) ~ 96.3% capture
905 KB

We will play catch up over the next few days and then automate the process.

It it really intended for consumption by an analytical suite such as MatLab, or a DIY one, in a language of your
choosing. However, it can be simply graphed in Excel or Open Office Calc

Feedback would be appreciated.



Dave, G4DPZ


Many stations, who have their FUNcube Dongles setup to automatically receive telemetry signals from FUNcube-1, will have noticed that they are now also seeing the telemetry from the FUNcube-2 sub-system which is flying on-board the UKube-1 CubeSat.

The FUNcube telemetry transmitter has been enabled on 145.915MHz (+/- Doppler) as part of the commissioning programme for UKube-1 which is presently underway.

UKube-1 in flight configuration in the cleanroom at Clyde Space Ltd (photo courtesy of Steve Greenland)

UKube-1 in flight configuration in the cleanroom at Clyde Space Ltd  (photo courtesy of Steve Greenland)

Whilst the existing FUNcube-1 Dashboard does not correctly display the FUNcube-2 telemetry, it is forwarding the data correctly to the Warehouse and this is greatly appreciated by the team.

We are not yet able to release a FUNcube-2 specific Dashboard as, at present, our developer is on an extended holiday in New Zealand. We are, however, working to provide a fully functional FUNcube-2 page on the Warehouse as soon as possible.

In the meantime please continue to listen and, where you are able, to keep the data flowing to the warehouse – many thanks for your support

Enhanced FUNcube-1 Dashboard now available


colloquium2104aThis weekend saw the AMSAT-UK Colloquium take place and Jim G3WGM and Ciaran M0XTD together gave a presentation on the FUNcube-1 mission.

The presentation included the announcement of a new version of the FUNcube-1 Dashboard. This has greatly improved decoding performance for weak signals – especially for Dongle users. Additionally the Dashboard can now activate the Bias-T pre-amp power from the Dongle.

The new version can be downloaded from here and the guidance notes have been updated to provide full information about it.

All users are encouraged to install this new version to improve their system performance and further increase the amount of data we are capturing in the Warehouse.

Reports will be very welcome on the forum

UKube-1 Update


UKube-1 was successfully launched, as planned, on Tuesday 8th July 2014.

Signals were heard from the spacecraft during the first pass over the UK from both the main telemetry transmitter on 145.840MHz and the FUNcube 2 transmitter on 145.915MHz.

Presently, commissioning of the spacecraft is continuing, and there may be future occasions when the FUNcube  telemetry transmitter will be activated during this period.

Although we have not yet released a FUNcube 2 version of the Dashboard, the existing version 820 will correctly decode the data and forward it to the FUNcube Data Warehouse. If you do receive some data frames please forward them to the Warehouse in the usual way.

The current UKube/FUNcube-2 Rankings can be seen here

UKube-1 Launch Information and telemetry equations

UKube-1 in flight configuration in the cleanroom at Clyde Space Ltd (photo courtesy of Steve Greenland)

UKube-1 in flight configuration in the cleanroom at           Clyde Space Ltd  (photo courtesy of Steve Greenland)


UKube-1 is scheduled to launch from Pad 31/6 at Baikonur on Tuesday afternoon. July 8th 2014 @ 15:58:28 UTC and to be deployed from the final stage of the Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat-M launch vehicle at 18:32:42 UTC.



The UKube-1 Operations Team has just issued this 1st edition of their Launch Briefing.

Launch Briefing ISSUE 1

And this is accompanied a worksheet showing the telemetry equations.

Briefing Workbook 20140702

Here are some prelaunch keps;

1 99999U 14999A 14189.66559000 .000005230 00000-0 05230-4 0 0019
2 99999 98.41000 240.000 0013100 54.7000 335.0000 14.76729233000011

UKube-1 carries a number of experiments and payloads and also the FUNcube-2 transponder and  telemetry sub-system. This is intended to support the current, very successful operations of FUNcube-1 and to provide an even better operational capability for schools and colleges to use for hands on educational outreach around the world. Further details of the educational outreach opportunities are available here

When the FUNcube-2 sub-system is activated, the 1k2 BPSK telemetry will be downlinked on 145.915 MHz in the same way as already happens with FUNcube-1.

A new FUNcube-2 Dashboard UI will be released shortly. This will integrate directly with the existing FUNcube Central Data Warehouse and existing usernames and authorisation codes can be re-used.

When the transponder is activated, the downlink passband will be 145.930 to 145.950 MHz and the uplink passband  will be 435.080 to 435.060 MHz.

It is anticipated that the FUNcube sub-system may be tested for short periods during the next few weeks depending upon how the LEOP plan progresses.

The VHF/UHF antennas at Chilbolton (image courtesy of STFC)

AMSAT-UK personnel will be supporting the UKube-1 operations team at Chilbolton during the immediate post launch period and will be ensuring that regular status reports are made available via IRC and other channels.

AMSAT UK and their colleagues at AMSAT-NL are delighted that UKube-1 is carrying this FUNcube sub-system and wish every success to the UKube Operations Team and to all the many contributors to the project.















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